Direct Sales

In addition to our leased trap program, Crate to Plate® also offers direct sales for the following:

  • fresh lobsters caught daily, never tank stored, shipped direct to your door, at your desired schedule;
  • other shellfish products like clams, mussels, and oysters;
  • a “lobster kit” to make your meal of lobsters most enjoyable, including crackers, picks, mallets, bibs, butter warmers, and votives;
  • Crate to Plate™ baseball caps in an array of colors; and
  • the Crate to Plate™ cookbook Everyday Lobster, with the all important “how to properly steam a lobster” directions, but other more adventurous and tasty recipes as well.

The lobsters shipped through direct sales are typically 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 lbs each. Lobsters are sold at market price plus shipping and handling. For other seafood products, we talk with you about the desired product and sell them at market price plus shipping and handling.  All seafood, including lobsters, is shipped via FedEx overnight. They must be shipped to a physical address, residence or business, PO boxes are not allowed. All direct sale requests require 72 hour notice.

You can place your order today for lobster kits, hats and cookbooks by going to “Lease a Trap.”  To specify a specific hat color, please contact Crate to Plate® first.

Please call Captain Dan at (207) 930-2085 or email at for any of your direct shipment needs. To receive a quote that includes market price, shipping and handling please indicate desired product, quantity (number of lobsters or pounds of clams/mussels), delivery date and zip code.

Our mission is for you have the most enjoyable experience with the freshest quality. Thank you for your interest in Crate to Plate®.