Lobster, like any harvested item, has a season. Foods eaten in their prime season fresh from the earth or sea are eaten at their best. Lobster trap leases are, for this reason, seasonal. Each full fishing season runs from June to November, while shipments can be received from July 1 to November 30. Not ready for a full season of lobster, no problem. Half season and two month leases are available.

To start, contact Crate to Plate® to sign up for your personal leased lobster trap. You will then be able to select your own buoy from the available buoys on our interactive map. No worries, if you are not sure what buoy you want we will select one for you. All buoys are positioned (and possibly moved) for maximum poundage. For all programs, once your buoy is selected, we will ship you a welcome package to introduce you to the fishing area (Saturday Cove & midcoast Penobscot Bay) and the Captain of the Fisher Girl, Dan Cosby. Included in your welcome package are of all the amenities necessary to enjoy the lobster from your trap.

To get started your “lobster bank” (your Crate to Plate™ account) will be credited with 4lobsters for all leases. This allows you to take advantage of your catch before lobsters fished from your personal leased lobster trap. Over the season we guarantee you a minimum of 40 lobsters for a full season, some traps may net as many as 60; we guarantee a minimum of 20 lobsters for half a season, with a possible 30; and we guarantee 10 for a two month lease with a possible 15. Most lobsters will be 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 lbs but you may see some jumbo or select lobsters caught from your trap. Note: we are guaranteeing lobsters, not pounds.

Shipments from your trap can occur on Wednesday for Thursday delivery or on Thursday for Friday. We will also make special arrangements for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Special occasions require at least 72 hours advanced notice and often cannot be met without this notice. For requested Saturday delivery, regardless of occasion, there is an extra $50 charge per shipment.

You may make withdrawals from your lobster bank at any time during the season for designated or pre approved shipping days. All shipments are of at minimum 4 lobsters and at maximum the number of lobsters remaining from your catch. Remember lobster is a delicacy and should be cooked the day received. That said, lobsters will survive with their packing in a refrigerated spot for up to 24 – 48 hours. After shipments or catches are made your buoy will be updated to reflect the lobsters remaining from your trap.

Note: you can send as many lobsters from your account as you want to friends and family anywhere in the United States.  Same delivery rules apply, including extra Saturday shipping fees. Shipments to friends and family are included in your maximum shipment alotment.

You will not regret your decision to have your own personal leased lobster trap from Saturday Cove on Penobscot Bay in midcoast Maine.